Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don’t have a witty tittle but a lot on my mind. We decided that we were going to be moving. We have talked about it for over a year and even REALLY looked at it a few months ago. One of the biggest factors ( other than financially) was the relationship that Ty has with his cousins. He LOVES them. I felt that taking him away from them was not a good idea.

Financially we are not in the place where we wanted to be to move and stuff came up that made the relationship with his cousins be strained. Hopefully for the other kids it is just a strain on the parents, and for Ty I am praying he isn’t being hurt either. Since he isn’t a Typical kid he doesn’t understand certain things and other  things he is well aware of. He is well aware that when he goes places he isn’t allowed to see his cousins.

As feelings really started to be charged over certain things the desire to move came full force. We talked about it, looked at a few places and left it alone. But both of us were drawn to talking about it more and more. So we decided to check out our options and we loved a few houses. We thought we had till September 1st when our contract ended. Well, the contract ends the first day of August. The Owners want to raise the rent and not go month to month. After praying about it, talking about it for months and then the contract changing we decided to go for it.

We contacted the houses we were looking at and decided that we needed to go for it. Dallas left to go look at the houses over the holiday and we were able to land our first pick house. We are very excited about it. As soon as his current contract is over we will have more than enough for our move, we have our deposit done and we still get our typical wage. School Starts down there sooner than here so the earlier we can get there the better.

So, in one month our Address will be Queen Creek AZ!!!


Chantel said...

That is SO crazy!!! You will have to let me know where you are at, we have some good friends there :)

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the move! It's so exciting to move to a new place and start over.

Side note- at my son's drum recital I was brought to tears by a 20 year old young man with CP who struggled to walk to the stage with his canes but proceeded to play a pretty awesome drum solo! Even more exciting than his talent was the perma-grin on his face and the sheer joy he felt at being able to move each part of his body to the beat in order to play. It was amazing! I can't wait to 'see' what kinds of barriers YOUR little guy breaks through!