Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

Our dad left for Arizona the night before so we knew that we were in for a very long day but full of awesome fun stuff!! Ty was so super excited about the parade and the night before activities put a damper on my excitement, but not for long.

We got up around 7 am and left for the parade after a stop at the store for our portion of breakfast. The boys did fabulous. Our Aunt Maegan and Uncle Kenneth saved us a spot. Though it was a smidgen more steep than we are use to, we dealt. I put Ty up front where he  could sit on flat ground. But I also made the mistake of trying to keep him nice and loose and gave him his new dose of baclofen that we are trying in the day. Poor kid was SOOO tired.

The parade was GREAT. Ty had the best time. I was so thankful for a pretty chilled Grayson. He sat with his Grandpa or grandma the whole time so I could do what I needed with Tyler. When a marching band came down, Ty and I went out super close so he could see it. He loved that part.

They had a bagpipe band and he was so incredibly excited that he got to see a real bag pipe. There was a camel that he was able to pet and lots of horses.

When you ask him what you see in parades he says “Marching bands, horses, bag pipes and pretty girls” and he saw all of the above. He was given a badge for being a fire fighter. He got to touch a fire fighter in uniform ( he has recently become very interested thanks to Elmo!) and had such a good time. He couldn’t see the candy being thrown at him, but a few people came right up to give him stuff.

One of those people were baseball players and he got a little baseball. The players were sponsored from the Brain injury of Utah. We also had a Queen from Herriman come back after she went by and tell Tyler that her time as the queen was spent helping kids with cerebral palsy and she loved spending time with him and she would be happy to come help us play. She gave me her number! It was amazing.

We also had a chance to tell other peoples kids to move out of the way of the kids in our party. Poor Lily and Emery had no chance of getting anything but we were mean enough to keep sending the kids back to their parents.

After the parade we went home and because of the muscle meds I gave Tyler he happily laid down for a quiet hour with Grayson. He didn’t sleep but he was very quiet. It seemed to give him a good down time.

After we ate lunch we headed up to Aunt Crystals. All the while Dad and I were talking back and forth about the house and doing what we could. We decided he needed to stay in Arizona till the next day and the rest of us had a great time playing. Ty and Lily had such a great time. It makes moving a little hard but they don’t get to play together very often.

As everyone was talking about the fireworks we packed up to go. We have tried really hard to not talk about fireworks with Tyler. We think he knows what they are, and he sees them on TV but we have only taken him once and he didn’t like them. But because of his vision we know he can’t see them. I had to explain to sweet Lily that we don’t even talk about the “f” word because we know he can’t see them so we don’t let them him know he is missing stuff. She tried SO hard to not talk about them, even though she was excited. So she asked us what we did instead.

I thought that was such a great questions. So as a visually impaired kiddo what do you do instead? We play fireworks with light sticks. And then we go to bed. He loves light sticks. We hang out in the bathroom and play with flashlights and light sticks. We make it fun for him.

We came home, went to bed and waited for our dad to come home!

It was a really fun time.

Being with out another adult I didn’t take ONE photo for the fourth. Sorry... HOoray for me!

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