Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make A Wish - Day 6

This was the END of our adventure. I actually put my camera in our checked baggage so that we had one less thing to take care of the last day. We had to be up early and off the boat by 9 AM. So not our thing. But the worst part, our flight to leave Orlando didn’t leave until 6 pm.

We woke up to our luggage being gone and on it’s way to Utah. What a great perk. And we headed up to eat and leave the boat. Once you left your room you were DONE. No going back so we left to go eat. On the way back to the airport we decided to rent a car and find a place to play for a few hours. Our thought was a big mall with a kids spot. TOTAL FAIL!!!! 1) it was sunday and it didn’t open for a few hours but the play place was terrible. We ate lunch and drove around and found a bowling alley , then headed back and went to the airport. We knew we were early but better early than late.

The wait went well. Everyone tolerated it really well. We got on the plane and Grayson fell right to sleep and didn’t wake up till we moved to the next plane. The next plane, he went right to sleep and didn’t wake up till we forced him awake. This should have been a wake up call that something was going to be REALLY wrong but we took it as a good omen.

We landed in Utah around 2am. My friend Steph cleaned and bleached and cleaned some more but forgot to leave a door open for us so we were locked out. She came running and we went right on in and got in bed. We slept till about 10 am.

Around noon Monday, Dallas reached down to pick up a crabby Grayson who let us all know he was NOT feeling well and proceeded to empty stomach contents down his fathers front. For the next 12 hours I was a nursing, vomit  catcher.

Poor kid. We knew we had caught something good. My body ached like there was no tomorrow and Dallas just didn’t feel well. Tuesday we did a make a wish activity that we needed to do and Wednesday we were all doing the Grayson. But by Thursday-friday we were all better and back to normal.

That was how we spent the last week. Just bobbing above water after such an amazing trip, nothing could get us down to far.

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