Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Wish Makers

So this is not to be confused with our wish GRANTERS. Our Wish makers were the ones that were financially supporting our wish. In the make a wish world there is a lot of secret to who pays and funds wishes. Unless the “funder” wants to be known it is usually left anonymous. In fact, I have only heard of a handful that actually KNOW.

Up until we got BACK from our trip I had NO idea. I wish I had known so that we could properly thank them in private. But there is no way, other than just expressing how amazing our trip was. During the nursing, vomit portion of our day I got a call from Jenny at Make a wish  and asked if we would be willing to meet our wish makers.

I said YES!! Is there really any way to properly thank someone for sending your family to a once in a lifetime experience for your kiddo who has been through WAY to much in his short years. But that for ONE WEEK we forgot that it was hard. Because it was MAGICAL instead. So of course we wanted to know.

She gave me the address of where we needed to be and at what time the next day. Tuesday ( luckily no one was sick at the moment!) came and we went to meet them. We were SHOCKED to see that it was a school. And not just a small school but a ELEMENTARY.

Why is this so shocking you ask? Well this small school raised enough money for not 1 but 3 wishes to be granted this year. They have raised over 34k in the last 3 years for the make a wish foundation. They are a HUGE blessing to the kids who get to go on a trip.

Ty was able to stand up with me while we talked about our trip. But they already knew all about Tyler ( or as much as they could know from Make a wish) and his picture was in their school. So I got to tell them about how COOL Tyler is. And how he has had to go through some pretty mean stuff in order to be as cool as he is. And that even though he acts, talks and walks different he LOVES to be a pirate, loves Mickey Mouse and especially loves the beach.

We told them thank you for sending us on the trip. Thanked them for being so generous and also for taking the time to get to know us and that we would be watching their school and if we saw something we could help or donate to we would!!

Overall the process of our wish has been amazing. In all humility, I can’t thank everyone enough. Not just those in the make a wish process but all the way down to my extended family. After I gave birth to Tyler, I had 2 of my Aunts come to my room. Neither of them have realized the impact seeing them made. That same family usually gives service for a family in need and as we got closer we realized it was us they were helping. They are always there for us. The support that we get is amazing.

I am especially thankful for our loads of docs who we love. We love them so much and they are always a call away when I am in a panic but also in need. Thank you for always being there doc!

And a huge thank you to Tyler. Thank you for always being so brave!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Are you kidding! A school? That is amazing! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Shauna Gunnell said...

What an amazing opportunity for you guys to meet them, and say thank you! Anonymous giving is fantastic, but it is so special for the recipient to be able to personally thank the giver(s). Looks like your trip was amazing, too!