Monday, June 18, 2012

Make a Wish - Day 5

After our day at sea we were getting more and more excited for the day that we got to spend at the beach. Oh were we excited.

Once again I found myself up before everyone else ( I know right!) and I watched us get into port and watch as the little Disney workers were setting everything up. Something we found out a little later was that there are people who live on Disney’s island and just work to keep it nice and pretty for when the boats come in and out.

Our first glance at Castaway Cay ( pronounced Key!)


You unboard the ship with all the fun stuff you want at the ocean and they have towels there that are warm and ready for the takers and you take off down the walk way. You can catch a tram and take a ride or you can keep on walking. Because of our stroller we just kept on walking. Sometimes that made it harder to get to where you needed, but we survived and it didn’t kill us to walk. So walk we did.

As we rounded the corner we ran into a little “friend”  named Pluto. So we took the opportunity to stop and take some photos. Ty was so cute.




* Disclaimer* A few months ago my UV lens was broken. I replaced it and it was not factory sealed. Because it is nice and humid, the lens has humidity on it. Until I was able to get it off and use it without a uv filter some of the photos are HORRIBLE and blurry and the coloring just kinda sucks. But you can blame it on me. It is my camera and I didn’t want to shot with a flash.

Part of Ty’s wish was to Surf on the ocean and mouskeabunga. He had hoped that Mickey Mouse would be there but we assured him that we would see Mickey Mouse soon and that he would be able to surf and tell Mickey all about it.

His dad got him into the ocean and up on his board as soon as we got in.







Once Ty fell off and realized the water was Salty and kinda stung the eyes he was out of the water fast. But it didn’t keep him out of the water.


Our Boat from the distance!


Baby G got in on the action and was swimming with his dad .


( I was still trying to pull off my filter)

And with Filter off we have the right colors!! Hooray!



Ty ventured out on his own pretty good!




More surfing






Ty did play in the sand a little too!


And Baby Grayson got in on the surfboard action as well.




Lunch was served on the beach and there was water and soda available all day, just like on the ship. We ate and went back to the water and watched as a storm cloud moved in. Just as we decided to get out it started to sprinkle. As we got out and onto the sidewalk to get back to the boat it DOWN POURED. We were stuck in the rain. But we kept walking and getting wetter and wetter. Ty just wanted to get back to the boat and I just wanted a shower!

We got to the boat and got out our documents to get back ON the boat ( the private beach is considered to be in the Bahamas so D and I had to have our passports) and we also had to have them carry the stroller UP the boat because they didn’t have one without stairs. It was a mess. But we made it and we had a good and wonderful and a fantastic time.

We actually made it back in perfect time. We got a nice warm shower, got to do our hair and makeup and then we got to go to a Make a Wish party. It was a special event set up just for the make a wish kids on the trip. We were going to have some special guests.

It turned out it was just THE special guest. And our Special guest was ECSTATIC. We got to spend one on one time with Mickey Mouse.




I was trying so hard to fight back tears. It was so amazing. Ty was so excited and this is what was making the trip all worth it. His exhaustion, the surfing, the boat, the everything was all coming out RIGHT then. He was so in love with Mickey Mouse.


As our time got closer to being over for the other families to have a turn I wanted to pause EVERYTHING and let him have this moment forever.




That was the highlight of our night. Tyler and Grayson went to the clubs that night and Dallas and I had a private dinner at Remy ( not worth it and not my favorite) and then we had a nice night packing our stuff and getting it ready to be sent to Utah. We had a few last minute things to do and then we got a knock on the door.

Ty had a special delivery.  A Mickey Mouse that was signed Your Pal Mickey Mouse.

Our luggage was ready to go and sent off the boat. We had only what we were carrying on the plane with us. We went to bed. To wake up to go home.


The Henrys said...

How amazing that Tyler got to spend a full hour alone with Mickey Mouse!

What a wonderful experience this was for your family! I'm so happy that you got to do this! Now, you have memories to look back on for years to come.

charity said...

wow it sounds like ty had a great time and will have memories of that trip for a long time

Chantel said...

EVERY single picture you have is AMAZING!! I love to see Ty's excitement in all of them. Baby G was working it too, he is going to have to beat off the ladies :)