Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make a Wish- Day 4

After our trip into the Bahama’s, I was looking forward to a day at sea. I wanted to be able to do some of the fun stuff on the boat. We got up, had breakfast at the buffet on deck 11 and went back to feed the baby and look at our itinerary.

I feel asleep while nursing so Dallas took Tyler to the kids club and he went to hang out on the deck. ( not the pool, but the deck.. like just look at the water.) He came back to check on us a few hours later. And the kids club called and said Ty said he was all done and wanted to come back. So he went to get him. 

We saw a fun activity for kids in the kids area of the D lounge. It was called the Mickey 200. It was like the pine wood derby except that it was with Produce!! Every person was given a carrot, 4 wheels, a few toothpicks and a potato. You got one paring knife and you had to carve a car out of it and race it. I was the carver and let me tell you.. ours was UGLY. I had no idea what to do so I ended up making a boat and putting a carrot flag on it. Lucky for me Tyler can’t see ( just kidding, bad blind joke) but he thought we had the most beautiful “car” in the world. 

Grayson was totally intrigued with the race car track and Ty was just SO excited he wouldn’t hold still. 


(Pardon the TERRIBLE picture! He really wouldn’t hold still and it was dark)



We were able to do a few test runs to make sure that the car held up and make any adjustments. Like I said. Ours was not winning any of the pretty awards. 

Finally it was race time. Ty was SO excited. They would count down and yell “ Let loose the Produce!” He was laughing SO hard and was so excited. 

Some people must have a lot of time on their hands to practice because there was a lot of cars that were really good. Our car lost but I told Ty we won and he was fine thinking we did and it was fine by me. 


After the awards ceremony we headed back to see where our dad was. We had left him to nap since I had gotten a awesome nap and he was missing. Turns out he went looking for us and we just missed him somewhere. He missed the end of the race but he got to see the mess of the produce.

We went up and got some lunch and brought it back to our place because Ty had said he was tired and wanted to nap. YES I repeat, Ty said he wanted to nap. His exact words were “ Can I take a nap now?” He was so tired. Of course he didn’t really nap but we took the time to eat, relax and gear up for the Pirate Party that was going to be held that night. We really wanted him to be awake for the fire works. You see, ( or don’t haha!) Tyler has never actually “seen” fireworks. He can’t see them. And as a youngster, Arizona was to hot to sit out and watch and when we were in Utah he had a freak out, so since they wouldn’t be as high we thought he would want to see them.

We went to the open house for the kids club ( where you can bring your other kids in and the parents can come too!) to watch a story time called Once upon a time. The story reader ( who happened to sound JUST like Mary Poppins) read about Beauty And the Beast. As she was reading, Belle popped out of the book. Her and Belle finished reading the story. I LOVE BELLE and loved being there with her reading the story. It was so magical. I think Ty liked it but I didn’t care. I sure did.





Grayson was ALWAYS such a big hit with all the ladies. I think we would have come out ahead if we had a dollar for everyone that commented on his eyes.


The Pirate Party was an all afternoon thing. Our sitting for dinner was at 5:45, and everyone was dressed as a pirate. In fact, our servers were decked out and everything was all about pirates. We took a few photos at dinner and Ty tried so hard to give his Aunt Maegan a peace sign.



As soon as dinner was over we headed up to the deck 11 for a pirate party Talent show. We swung by our room to get our pirate clothes on and off we went. We had gone to the gift shop earlier in the day to see if we could score some other pirate stuff that was super cool. We finally found a small pirate set that had a parrot in it. Ty didn’t even want the Jake that was there, he just wanted to go take a nap.








After the pirate show we went to see Mickey Mouse in the Atrium and got our picture taken with Mickey the pirate. Ty was proud to show off his Parrot.







After that we went back to our room to wait for the firework show while I ran and did some errands for our baggage and for make a wish that needed to be done. While there I saw that Goofy was going to be  there for a visit so I went back to get Ty and this is what we got.


He was so tired he didn’t care. He just wanted to go to bed. So no Goofy for us.

We had so much fun that night. He was so tired. He just wanted his bed. Plus we knew we would have a full day the next day, because we were finally going TO THE BEACH!!

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The Henrys said...

I am truly loving these trip pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun! Those pictures of Tyler with Pirate Mickey are too precious!