Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make A Wish- Day 3

Oh the Bahama’s!!!

We Cruised all night long. I thought we would feel the ship more but it was really relaxing. We LOVED being out on the verandah (aka deck) and even Grayson enjoyed the view. Ty would sit out with the iPhone or ipad and would “relax” and watch. We would point out the water and all of the fun stuff but really it was just calm, relaxing ocean all around us.






The boys were exhausted so everyone slept in ( except me) and I was up watching us pull into port. It was SO cool. There was already a ship in port on both sides and we needed to get in the middle. We were literally having to turn the WHOLE ship backwards to back into our port. It was COOL! There was a awesome Lighthouse that we went past as we pulled in. You could see Atlantis in the background and it was someplace I always dreamed of visiting but never ever thought I would go and get to take my kids. (Of course they were asleep.)



(*Confession* I hadn’t edited any of the photos I took but the idea that the Bahama’s wasn’t all blue and pretty wasn’t. It had rained a LOT the night before and was HUMID HUMID and it was foggy. Something I learned on my mission is that humid doesn’t mean blue sky it means foggy. So the sky is edited in the light house.... your welcome.)


You know you are arriving in a pretty humongous boat and it looks pretty impressive when everyone comes out to stare and take pictures of your boat. But that is what happened. The Disney Boat is amazing.

We had opted to purchase a port adventure and go through the Atlantis Aquarium. We were really hoping to see a shark ( but that didn’t happen) but we had to get ready to go and go through customs/porting and get over to Paradise Island from Nassau so we had to head to the Disney lounge to get ready to head out together.

We got there a bit early and Ty decided that he wanted to go and be in his very own Talent show where people could clap and cheer for him. So he did. He walked on up to the Disney worker and she helped him perform. He LOVED it.


He performed the ABC song and people really did clap and cheer. He LOVED it!


So people clapped and cheered and we were ready to head over to our port adventure. We were taken off the ship and helped over to the Bahama side of the world. We were bombarded with women wanting to braid our hair. They have a whole place of hair braiders for a small fee before you even cross over into the Bahamas. We got on some busses that did a small tour and headed over to the Atlantis resort to drop us off.


This is the Atlantis resort on the bridge across to Paradise Island.

We went through a small tour guided through the aquarium. It was pretty cool to see the fish we had never seen before. We had higher expectations that made Dallas and I a little disappointed but Ty was just fine with what we say. We then went to get lunch and then head back to the boat to swim and enjoy the warm weather a little.

While we were eating these little pigeons would come up and try and eat the fries and food. Ty would chase them. He got close to catching them a few times.



After we ate we decided that we wanted to go back to our boat and swim and enjoy the time we had before we ported out. Everyone HAD to be back on by 5 and it was 3 so we thought we could enjoy the time back at the boat. Plus Dallas and I had a special dinner planned for us and we wanted to have time to get ready and enjoy and get the kids where they needed to be.

But first, the most important purchase of the day needed to be made. It  was the surf board we saw at the Atlantis Gift shop. One of Tyler’s wishes was to surf on the ocean and mousekabunga and we knew if we had the surfboard he could do it. So we bought it as we waited for the bus.


*special thanks to the hot ladies legs that are in ALL our photos!*


We changed into our swimming suits and headed up to deck 11 and got right in to the pool. We had a blast and everyone enjoys having a nice day in cool water when it is REALLY really humid.




After swimming we came back to our room with food and ordered even MORE food so that Tyler could be full and we took him to the kids club for a dance party and Grayson got to stay in the nursery. Dallas and I had reservations at the exclusive restaurant Palo. It was so good. We had such a good time and the food was great. We basically got our amazing anniversary dinner a few days late. But it was very good. It was an experience that I will never forget.

After taking a walk around the deck and going for a drink we got a text that Grayson was all done at the nursery and he wanted his mom. So off we went. It was fun while it lasted but it was time to be the mom. Ty was done at the kids club and he had a wonderful time. We all went to bed tired, happy and excited for our day at sea.


Grandma Labrum said...

Sounds like lots of fun except for riding on water. I don't do water!

Wendy said...

Oh I'm so jealous!! Glad you had so much fun!!

Chantel said...

It looks like you had SUCH a good time! I love looking at all your pictures!