Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bon Voyage! Thank you Make a wish

Back in January after Tyler had his seizure we went to doctor after doctor for the source and how often we will be doing this. It is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. Given that I have repeatedly watched them do CPR for my son and call a code blue I have seen some pretty harsh stuff. But this brought me to tears and frantic breathing and horrific dreams for months.

After our go ahead from Doctor Walker, he said with the diagnosis of our newest seizure disorder and with all of the other hell we have traveled ( yep he said hell!) He asked if it was OK that he nominated Tyler to be a wish kid.

We were THRILLED. A few weeks later some wonderful ladies showed up at our door ready to get the party started. We went through options of things that Tyler would like to do. He has a HUGE love for Mickey Mouse and we really wanted to go to Disney land or Disney world but we couldn’t. it would be impossible for us to attend the park, visually it is over stimulating and he can’t see, so a ride could cause a meltdown of epic portions and we would spend the day in our hotel room. As his wish granters spent some time with Tyler they learned he was desperate to go to the beach where he could surf with mickey mouse and be a pirate on the ocean. He wanted to ride in a big captain hook boat where he could use oars.

So Ty’s dream was constructed. Ty wished to go on a Disney Cruise. Where he will not only meet Mickey mouse but will be able to meet Captain Hook, ride on his boat and spend the afternoons filled with Disney activites in the ocean er club. After a small letter to the wish granters as to why Mickey needed to be involved we waited.... and got the call that we were going on a DISNEY CRUISE.

We are now 1 day away from going. We have had our wish party and our departure party. We have been spoiled to death.  Now the packing begins.

Last week we had a party for Tyler and some pretty cool people came. We missed a few but one had just gotten married and went to Hawaii and the other just happened to have a baby. A few just couldn’t make it but the legit ones are excused :)

So without further blabbering... Here is his party.

At the Make a wish house :



Ty with his wish Granter Lisa

His make a wish cake


Decorated to the 9’s


Playing puppet show with his best friends Kayden and Koy


The Make a wish board. The wishes of all the kids wishes they are working on.. Look close. Who is at the top!


Inside the wishing tower




And just 24 hours before my mom broke up her arm :)


Tyler got a captain hook costume for one of the parties on the boat. He loves it. He didn’t take it off for 2 days.

Tyler and his start IMG_0537.jpg

Raising his star

Ty giving Lisa a hug for making his dreams come true


Ty and Sherry for making his dreams come true as well. We sure do love them!


And Captain Hook.... even a villain needs his grandma!

These last 2 are pretty awesome pictures. My sister and her kids were able to go on a make a wish trip when their second son needed a kidney transplant. And my cousin and their daughter were able to go on a trip because they had Cancer. We found their pages in the book of wishes...

This is Daphne’s page

And Kayden’s


The Henrys said...

Wow, how amazing! I'm so very happy for all of you. Have a wonderful time!!!

Madeleine said...

Have a wonderful time!
Tyler tell Mickey Hi from Spencer.

Christa said...

Have a great time!