Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make a Wish Day 1

Monday was Dallas and I’s 7th wedding anniversary. We took in a movie, ate a quick bite and went to pick up my kids at his moms. We were ready to go and only had a few last minute packing to make. But our flight was leaving in the morning so ready or not, we were heading out the door.
June 6 we hit the road with our very first treasure map. ( I drew some amazing treasure maps for Tyler the night before so he would be aware of where and when and what we were doing)  With map in hand we drove to the airport. Our first leg of the trip was 4 full hours. We flew into Cincinnati Ohio. Sometime during the 4 hour flight we had a accident and we needed to run to the potties and change Ty. We thought we had a little bit of time in between flights ( like an hour!) but we didn’t.  Another 2 hours and we would be there. This was the longest 2 hours. Everyone was tired and we were ready to be able to move around. Even Grayson was a trooper. We were so thankful that we were going to be sleeping in a Hotel that night and not having to run right to our trip.

After Landing in Orlando we made our way through the airport where our hotel was. That’s right,  our hotel was IN the airport. Right along with the hustle and bustle of national and International flights was  the hotel that we stayed it. We wandered the mall, and our baggage was retrieved for us. Ty also obsessively talked about a ukuleles and so we were on a quest to find one. Lucky for us the airport had a surf shop and a ukulele. We had a wonderful evening with Ty singing us songs and playing and being happy.

The Hotel IN the airport.
Ty and his ukelele
We headed to bed early because we were needing to be up bright and early to get our luggage out. Part of the Make a Wish package made it so that we had our luggage picked up from our room and delivered right to the boat where it was put in our stateroom. Most amazing thing ever!

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