Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Story of Paxil

About 2 months ago we were given a very lovely piece of paper that said “ Tyler needs to take this medicine called paxil” Please give his mom the bottle and we will see you in a month.

I took said bottle to our trusty walmart pharmacy and we were gently told that the generic for paxil doesn’t exist so they were sending it back to get authorization.

Between our doctor and PCMC and our pharmacy 9 letters and faxes were made to our insurance company trying to get this drug listed as no generic. We went to our follow up appointment where we were suppose to be discussing our changes ON the medication but we had yet to even get a HOLD of the medication. We spent a full 75 minutes on hold with medicaid  trying to get Ty’s figured out and it was STILL not done.

Finally after me calling and me making a list of all the stuff and calling about 19 different pharmacies they agreed to pay for his paxil. I was so excited.

We are giving Tyler paxil for his anxiety. It also helps sedate at night but his anxiety is much much better. He doesn’t seem to need the time to veg out and be left alone. He is willing to go places and he is MUCH much more talkative to strangers.

Last weekend we were having a BBQ with our Aunt Maegan’s new husband and his family. Ty didn’t want to eat with boring old us but went right out to their table and chatted away. He went right up to a parrot and touched the parrot. He looked at other animals, tried to touch stingrays and is really excited about his trip.

The paxil has helped him calm down, helped him sleep ( yes... sleep) the last few weeks at school I have had to drive him because he wakes up at 8 and his bus gets here at 8:15. I don’t mind. it gets me up and going too.

But most of all it has helped him focus on those around him and him be excited about things that are happening, things that will be happening and things to  come!

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Cynthia said...

I am sorry you had to fight to get the medication he needs. Sounds like it's helping him though.

Sidenote: My son had his drum recital last week and one of the students was a young adult with Cerebral Palsy. You would think he couldn't play the drums since each body part has to move separately from the others to do so. However, he did a great job and played quite well. My favorite part was the perma-grin on his face through the performance. Don't let anyone ever tell Ty he can't do what he wants to do because of his CP!