Monday, May 21, 2012

The insanity

We have an insanity problem. Not kidding.
 Insanity 1) It looks like we are taking a month of therapy for Tyler.  I missed setting up his appointments and now they are full and we are BUSY so Ty is Sans therapy for the month.
2) It took us ONE MONTH and 12 hours on the phone with medicaid to get them to cover an anxiety med for our poor kid. In the mean time we have him on it now and we are not able to get him ON the bus because we all sleep better but in the mean time, it throws off our WHOLE day.
3) wedding season is upon us and our sweet Auntie is getting married. I was suppose to spend the day pumping and nursing to get a bottle for Grayson tomorrow. Instead the air conditioner people came by in which my spawn decided to help and my child who nurses decided to share with the air people my breast. All while I had to chase down Ty to explain that although HE thought it “wasn’t fair” that he couldn’t be handy Manny it really was not a good idea.
4)What I did pump Grayson dumped. That is right he walked right over to the container while I was covering myself for said air dudes and proceeded to dump and then splash in it while I cried.... REAL tears.
5) We recently had whipple over to clean out our drain in the kitchen. As I was finishing up the dishes tonight the sink is clogged. So I have two full sinks of stuff and water and no place to put my gross stuff.
6) I have to wait for 20 more minutes so I can finish off my 64 ounces of water in the last 2 hours so I can have something to pump.

Did I mention we are going on a cruise.... I think we need one after this week.

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