Sunday, April 29, 2012

World Wish Day!

April 29th is national World Wish Day. So many people and families have been impacted by the Make A Wish foundation. They give hope in times of strife and a care free way for sick kids to have a day that they can forget all their worries.  They also bring hope and a breathe of fresh air to the parents, who day in and day out keep watch over their Little Heroes.

Since we finally have a date I figured I would go ahead and share a little about what Make A Wish is doing for our family.

After Ty had his seizure in December we were nominated and accepted as an official Wish Kid. Our signing physician was Dr. Walker, our neurosurgeon. We saw him in December to get a official check up and to clear us for any trouble we may come across.

In January we were contacted by our Wish Granters, Sherri and Lisa. They are such nice and amazing people. They came over so they could meet Tyler. Tyler was in the middle of all his ROTTEN horrible behavior but we set a date so he could go to the Wishing Tower and see if he could have his wish granted.

As friends and family gathered around Tyler made his wish in the tower. He wished that he could go on a big boat and meet Mickey Mouse, surf and play with Captain Hook. He wished for a Disney Cruise. After our party we were asked to write a letter to the people who were funding our wish ( they are anonymous most of the time) and tell them why it was important for us that Ty see Mickey Mouse and go on a Disney cruise and not just any old cruise.

We waited and waited and hadn’t heard anything from our Wish Granters. Last month we got a knock on the door and our Wish Granters were on our door step with balloons, a boat and a piece of parchment letting us know that our DREAM vacation, Meeting Mickey Mouse, and a BIG boat was approved and we were going to be going on a Disney Cruise.

We are headed to the Bahama’s via the Disney Dream boat on June 6th. We will spend the first night at Port Canaveral, wake up to Nassau, Bahama’s , sail all day and land at Disney’s Private island, Castaway Cay and reach Florida the last day. Dallas and I have carefully selected activities that we feel Tyler would enjoy and also some activities that as his parents we can enjoy. Disney has an amazing “ It’s a small world” Nursery that is JUST right for baby Grayson where we have ten hours of activity time where we are able to spend some alone time with Tyler and each other. Tyler will be involved in the “ Captain Hook” club and have activities any time of the day. There will be nursery times till midnight. All of this just seems so unreal and magical.

We have an amazing handicapped accessible room with a veranda ( aka a balcony) where we will be able to sit together at night and watch the waves go by while our babies sleep. We will have dinner together at the adult only dinning a few times during our stay. We will have excursions out at Nassau and we will be going to the Atlantis resort. We will get to just be together.

Make a wish has breathed a little breathe into us.

Since Tyler had his seizure we have lived on edge. Neither one of us has been able to relax, take it easy and just feel like life will ever be the same as it was before that day. This one event has caused us to stress, worry and to not find a new normal that we can live with.

The excitement and joy that we see when we talk about his wish trip with him is amazing. He is so excited. We can’t wait. We are thankful to Make a Wish. We adore our Wish Granters and can’t wait to give back as much as possible to a wonderful organization that helps those who are down on their luck.

Bon Voyage!

PS. I will post photos in the morning

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