Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec. 5 our day that will live in infamy

That is a day that one of my nightmares actually became a reality. It is something I will never be able to get out of my mind. Trust me. I want to.

All day Tyler was FINE. More than fine. He was happy, he ate his dinner and lunch and everything was fine. We bathed him, put Grayson to bed and Dallas had not been feeling very well. So I left to go to the store. I was gone for 33 minutes.

While I was gone Dallas heard Tyler banging on his wall. He has been playing in his room at night when he doesn't want to sleep and tends to hit the wall a few times. Dallas went in with a smile on his face to tell him it was time to go to sleep. What he found was horrific. Ty was in a full grand mal seziure.

He picked him up, ran down the stairs and called 911. I walked in while he was sitting on the couch on the phone. I instantly knew what was wrong and took my sweet baby boy from him. sat on the floor begging Heavenly Father to make it stop. Trying not to freak out and scare Tyler I told him we were going to say a prayer and that he was going to keep being brave and that we loved him so much and that everything was going to be ok.

The first responder was a police officer and soon after my entry was filled with paramedics and fire fighters. They were asking me questions while Dallas took Tyler and held him while they worked. They got Versed in and the seizure was slowing. Dallas took Tyler and put him in the ambulance while I tried to finish answering questions. I called who I could think of that could help. Our nurse Jen. Dallas' dad and my dad.

Before I could turn around I was outside, throwing up. I can't handle brain stuff and apparently seizures without my nerves coming out my mouth. The poor police/fire fighters trying to talk to me. They came to tell me that Ty's seizure had stopped. It was about 15-20 minutes.

That is a LONG time. A VERY long time.

I was sick sick sick. How could this be happening to the sweetest little boy? Dallas dad was going to met Dallas at the hospital. His sister, Sheena, was going to be there so I could bring Grayson since I nurse. I turned around and our sweet sweet neighbors were on our doorstep. She was crying and asking if it was Tyler. She stayed with Grayson until my sister got here. Her husband and another neighbor gave me a blessing.

What an amazing blessing. I don't even remember what was said. As they were talking a list appeared in my head. I was calm and the list had everything on it that I needed to get to take with us. Ironically, everything on that list is exactly what we needed.

The blessing made me VERY calm and I was able to drive safely to the hospital. The neighbors that gave me a blessing drove the Jeep and we were able to have both cars there if we needed to be transferred.

Dallas and his dad were able to give Tyler a blessing. He was very unresponsive. He was responding to pain and moving when they were trying to do things he didn't want. Dallas and I were in the CT scan room while they did it to Tyler and he was responding how he would if he was awake. ( with much less force!) He was so so so brave. CT scan was normal for Tyler. So a shunt was ruled out.

We waited.

It felt like an eternity before he would open his eyes and talk to us. The nurse needed the oximeter on his finger and he was fighting her. I told him if you don't want it on say no thank you please. That ONE phrase came out of his mouth and I knew he was going to be ok. I just wanted to hear more.

We started giving him stuff to drink and he started throwing up. He didn't stop the vomiting all night and all day. I was thankful they sent a pink bucket home. We named her Betty the Bucket. We put a sad face on the bottom of the bucket because if we have to use it we are sad. He has done really well trying to use it. We have had a few misses and lots of tears. He hates to vomit.

Seizures make you sleepy so he is has been pretty out of it today. He has slept alot but he is still such a SWEET little boy. He told Dallas that Dallas was his best friend and I was his best mommy.

We were started on a seizure medication till we get into the neurologist. We see them on Monday. We have had our pediatrician on speed dial and a HUGE thanks to my brother who makes me feel a lot better ( sometimes) about what is going on. We don't know if he will have more. He is at a higher risk but we just don't know.

We have a seizure stooping med that we will now get to take with us wherever we go. I will have to get in the habit of taking my phone more and always having it with me. I don't know how I will ever let any of my children not sleep in my room ever again. Ty's bed is currently on our floor. He is sleeping in my bed, I am sleeping on Dallas side. Grayson is down in the middle. Dallas is awesome enough to sleep on the crappy bed.

I can't thank Dallas enough for saving my baby. If he wouldn't have gone in to Ty's room when he did I don't know when we would have. I always check him when I go to bed but he might have been seizing for so much longer. I know he feels bad but he honestly did all that he could. I rarely take people up on their offers to help but I humbled myself enough today to say what I needed and the help was amazing. We had an amazing lady, Rochelle, come in and do my dishes, she never issued a word of complaint and the gesture of it was exactly what we needed. Our amazing friend Erin showed up with a pepsi and dr. pepper and took our dirty throw up blankets home and washed them. Our ward brought in dinner. Our neighbor who showed up late last night, watched Grayson for a few hours while we tried to get in a nap. The support has been amazing. Thank you friends and family!

Tonight Tyler is asleep. Still sick but no more seizures. We are so proud of him and how brave he is. We pray the bug passes quickly and that no one else gets it in our house.


Amber said...

I am SO SORRY to hear about Ty ='( but I'm glad he is home and doing better. I wish I could be there to help you out. My brother had a really bad seizer a few years ago so I know how scary and life altering they can be.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!!! SLY!!!!

Chantel said...

That poor kid (and his parents!) I am so sorry that you had to have that happen. I wish we lived even a little closer so we could be of more help! Sending lots of love your way!

The Hann Family said...

You, Dallas, Tyler, and Grayson are in my thoughts and prayers. What a scary night!!! Thinking of you....