Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 9 Months Baby G's

Baby Blue eyed Baby G’s is 9 months old! We love him OH so much. The smile he gives his dad is a killer and tonight, he flirted with the girls behind us and I am pretty sure they were gonna take him home.... until he cried ;)


That’s right. He is a crier. Poor kid wants his mom still. Can’t blame him. I hold the key to his food. Yep, 9 months exclusively breastfeeding and formula going to waste in my cupboard. I still stick in a pumping moment while we TRY to get him to take a bottle. It is getting better.

Now if we could just convince others to baby sit for us... WE PAY WELL!!

No really, he is a sweet loving and snuggle baby. He does not like people who he doesn’t know. He doesn’t like to not feel well and he loves eating and sleeping with me.
We are thankful you came to us Baby G and hope that we are well on our way to milk by the time we port out!

PS. Grayson had pink eye and an ear infection in these photos. So please don’t think he is always messy and always sad looking. Dang pink eye

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