Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It seems that we only get to update our blog when we run to an appointment. So since we go to a ton of them, here is an update.

Before Ty had his seizure we noticed that he was stuttering. Like horribly stuttering. We weren’t sure why and our pediatrician suggested we see a neurologist. We didn’t see one because we didn’t need to. We had a neurosurgeon and we didn’t have seizure. I made the appointment. It was 5 months out. Not uncommon. So we put the appointment on the books and I forgot about it till they called to remind me.

We had a three month follow up so I just had them change the reason there and it worked out great. Though we didn’t see our NP we say Dr. Lloyd I was so impressed and so thankful that we saw him. He has a daughter who is disabled and has seizures.

Here are some tidbits he shared:

  • If we can get through 6 months seizure free our chances drop of having another one until his body can’t tolerate what is going on ( aka a bad cold, infection or fever) so I can breathe a little deeper each month. 
  • seizures tend to increase around 5, 12 and 16. Five they don’t know why other than increase in school and since Ty is delayed it didn’t surprise them he had one at 5. However, he was followed by a sickness so they are still unsure. Bu they will watch around the other times to be on the look out. 
  • he thinks seizure are horrible and super scary. His daughter has them. He said that even when I see kids having them ALL the time, I still freak out when my daughter has them and it makes me physically ill to see. Just what I needed to hear at the time it was said. 
Tyler had his meds readjusted and for the first time in 7 years, he did NOT CRY when they took his blood pressure and he loved getting his body looked at. We are also very proud to announce that he is also the perfect size for a 4/5 year old * yes he is six/7* but none the less.. awesome. 

It was a great visit!

We will see them in 3 more months.

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PWD said...

My Trent first manifested with a bad stutter too. We got him into Speech and everything. It just continued to a body spasm/tick and then we went to see the neurologist. It started about the age of 6 1/2 (mid year of kindergarten) and seemed to increase with stress. We are now on medication and went from seizing every few minutes and unaware to only a couple a day and aware through them. Hang in there!!!