Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday "home" school

Our local ward and school has had a few "letters" sent home about the outbreak of a bit of pertussis in our area. As a "freak out of germs" kinda girl we decided that we would have the sacrament brought to us and we would "home school " Sunday school Ty for a few weeks to keep the germs at bay. Yes, we know he goes to school, however, he has six kids in his class and the bus has 7 ( six of which are in his class) so we have been somewhat free of germs for a month. ( knock on wood!)

Next week, Ty and I will be going and Dallas will be staying home with the baby since he is most at risk of RSV and pertussis unless otherwise directed at our appointment next week. But this week, I got his lesson ready and we sat down this morning and did his Sunday school lesson. We played a choose the right scavenger hunt.

We did small things. First was choosing if we should clean up our plate from breakfast or leaving it there. Then we went upstairs and decided if we should CHOOSE to pick up our clothes or leave them on the floor. We wondered if we should CHOOSE to help Grayson with a toy. We then got to the heavy stuff. Should we CHOOSE to be nice to our friends. CHOOSE to do what mom and dad asks or Choose to sit on a chair ( this is a big problem right now!)

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