Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grayson -Six months

Happy half way there birthday Baby Grayson!
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We had our 6 month well baby check and mean old shots today. He also got the flu shot. So while he will be held for the next few days, I am glad to have a few months off.

Grayson is not a fat baby. He weighs in at whooping 15 pounds but stretches to about 27.9 inches. He is 90th percentile for height, under 12 percent for weight and his head is 10 percent. So I have a tall, skinny small headed baby. Just perfect for me.

Grayson has eczema that we thought was food relate. It isn't. He will now be having a special cream and bath and laundry soap for a while. He is back to eating just first foods. And he is still sleeping in my bed. I still exclusively nurse him. He will not even take formula for rice cereal. I guess I have my dream of nursing. It is free. I save us a lot of money a month.

We also discussed some things that came up in a family discussion, scratch that, family bag on my parenting skills, about Tyler's weight and nutrition and what he is getting to eat and if it is harming "what little brain" he has. The answer is NO. What he is eating is what every six year old is eating. He drinks what he does because of a problem called sensory processing disorder that is a REAL disorder. For that disorder he sees a therapist 2 times a week named Bryan who works on his sensory processing. So we have also gotten him to drink juice every day. ( which ruins his teeth so we see a dentist for that) We ran a nutritional panel on Tyler when this came up and it is just fine. He will be getting a bone density scan, Not because said person thinks he isn't eating, but because he has cerebral palsy. They want one to check how his bones look. Kids with CP tend to have more brittle and not great bones. NOT DUE TO NUTRITION . He also gets viactiv chocolate half a chew when he will take it. So he gets his vitamins in. He is also offered "fruit snacks" that are really chew vitamins. He also is offered fruits at EVERY meal. So that concern, hopefully, is void. And his brain is doing fine.... "what little bit he has."

Gryson is meeting ALL his milestones a bit early. We are hoping to see him crawling in the next few weeks. Looks like while big brother is at therapy, little brother might be able to get some too!.
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Chantel said...

How can he be half way there? Where on earth tell Isaac every night before I put him to bed not to grow :)

Miracles Happen said...

I don't mind him growing. But I am also ok with no more babies ( I think) But shots SUCK and it makes for a REALLY long day.