Sunday, December 11, 2011

A first night

Tonight is the first night since Ty's seizure that we have put him in his own bed. He has slept in his own bed just not in his own bedroom. I also got nominated for crap mom of the year ( again!) for forgetting to fill baclofen today, so he is out of muscle relaxers for the night. You can tell on his sweet little body that it is going to be a tired muscle day tomorrow.

We have talked with our Bishop and have opted to stay home for a while this winter season to allow us to stay away from RSV and whatever else has plagued our ward recently * WHOOPING COUGH* and wait a few weeks to get back. We will met with Ty's new teacher and will probably attend Sacrament on Christmas. But we have to think of the safety of Tyler and us.

Tomorrow is a day of neurology visits. We will see what we can do about these darn seizures. We haven't had any more. We don't know if when or more will come about. We are on medications. There are a lot of action I want to see that I have seen increased or decreased since a few weeks prior to his seizure. It will be an interesting afternoon.

Wish us luck

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