Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Babies need 40 weeks

Given the recent birth of our not quite "term" baby I am using a small disclaimer. There was a medical reason for Grayson to come early as a scheduled baby. I would have happily gone a few more weeks and would happily do it again.

At 35 weeks a babies brain is only 2/3 of what it will weigh at 40 weeks. That safety of a growing baby in a womb makes that brain safer upon delivery.

If you wait till 39 weeks important organs are ready to go.
  • The brain, lungs and liver are ready and functioning as they should.
  • The lower the change of hearing impairment and Vision issues ( issues such as ROP)
  • Time to gain more weight. The bigger the baby the better they are at maintaing their temp.
  • The suck swallow reflex is well established making it easier and better for them to eat properly. Even babies born as early as Grayson have trouble cordinating their food and tend to have issues with breast feeding.
  • They deserve it. They deserve to be born as healthy as possible.
All babies deserve to have the best start in life.
Why not give it to them?
Wait till 39 weeks to give them a start at life.


* Please note that not all babies can be delivered safely at 40 weeks. Please talk to your health care provider for more information.*

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