Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Stick Together As A Team

Sometimes the best wisdom comes to those in small bodies. Sometimes because they are small we overlook it and just think it is cute. Lately I have really listened to what Tyler has to say. Somethings are just cute. Like Super cute. Other things are sad, but one thing he says is VERY profound... and very true.

Tyler says ( a lot) that "It's ok mom. Everyone makes Mistakes. We just stick together as a team." But this morning he said ( as we were running out of the house because we slept past the bus coming!) that I couldn't forget baby Grayson because we " Stick together as a team because we are a family."

Never have I heard such wisdom. Even in his "delayed" state he gets it. He gets we are his family and we will always be there for him no matter what. We do stick together. As much as I wish he would sleep in his own bed and would sleep for hours and hours or even sleep in till ten in the morning, I like knowing that we stick together. That we are a team.

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