Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our new team

We have put together a whole new team for Tyler " the Professor" to spend his time with outside of school. We have gotten a new PT named Ben. An OT named Bryan and a speech lady named Carin. We have gone to Ben the most.

Ben is one of the best PT's that we have ever had. So much fun that Ty knows we are going to see him a few days BEFORE we go and can't stop talking about it. Ben has been great for Tyler and GREAT for Tyler's mother. I was in desperate need of a therapist that did his stuff with Ty, did it well and understood our need for as "normal" as possible at home. Ben is what we got and that is what we do.

In order to survive therapy we HAVE to have someone we can trust and who we want to go to. without that we are done... lost and over before we even start.
This is Ty and Ben working on Core strength with a exercises ball. It is hard work. Ty is going to the moon and is a rocket ship. It isn't the best quality so sue me!

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