Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Uncle Barrett

Tyler said to me today Mom my uncle Barrett is Very very sick. I told him he was right and that we have had lots of special blessings and prayers that Jesus and Heavenly father will help him be without his tumor.

Tonight on the way to the grocery store Tyler said" Mom my uncle Barrett is very sick."
Right I answered. Then he said Oh don't worry my friend Jesus said he would take care of it.

So tonight is the crying time and tomorrow we will be stronger and we will be watching you. and Jesus will take care of it... Because the giant named Tyler seems to get his wishes.


angel shrout said...

Standing with Tyler and the faith of a child that has no doubt what God can and will do..

Cynthia said...

Out of the mouths of Babes! I am sorry about Uncle Barrett. My kids are also on cancer watch with an Uncle. You just want to shelter them from all the hard stuff and, baring that, deliever some kind of guarantee that their childs faith will be rewarded. Sigh. I'm sorry.

Chantel said...

We love Ty! His strong words really helped me through last Tuesday. I know his faith (and knowledge!) are 10x what I am capable of. We are thankful his is part of our family and kept an eye out for Barrett!