Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grandpa My boy

There is nothing sweeter in life than a dad and his son. But a pretty close second is a Grandpa and is grandson. Especially when the grandson relies so heavily upon the strong, wise hands of Grandpa my boy.

Ty calls my mom, in the most loving sweet voice he can muster, Grandma the old lady. But in the sweetest most loving voice calls my dad Grandpa my boy. Sometimes it is grandpa the boy. It is more than enough to make Grandpa melt.

It takes Tyler a lot more time to do things. But Grandpa my boy doesn't care. It takes a hand and a walk and a tug to get those little legs moving. But Grandpa my boy doesn't care. It takes Tyler more effort for pretty much everything. But Grandpa my boy doesn't care.

Those wise, caring and strong hands seem to be there to convince, pull and help allow a little boy to be like everyone else.

Those hard and aged hands give wisdom as he helps a little boy be little.

Gramps hand

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~NICKY~ said...

He sure does love grandpa