Thursday, October 27, 2011


Pretty much having 2 kids is kicking my trash. Not kidding. I feel like in the 3 months that he has been here I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and recover. No, like really.

  1. I basically begged my doc to let me go home early. He agreed because Ty couldn't come into the room without having several meltdowns and leaving with out me was a mess.
  2. My mom got sick while she was here. Not like a cold that we were all gonna get but a bad leg that she couldn't do what she wanted and therefore I felt over obligated ( shame on me) to get up and get going. Good for feeling fine, bad for exhaustion now.
  3. Dallas went to New York soon after and I was left home alone... boo hoo for me.
  4. Ended up with a few extra kids at one point and was beyond exhausted and though it wasn't a HUGE deal I wish I had those extra days now to rest.
  5. Ty has a life that is different from most and therapy and school started just weeks after baby Gray's came.
  6. Aunt Nicky moved in. While she is a HUGE help in the kitchen I can't get my house clean to save a life. So she tolerates ( along with Dallas) my amazing housekeeping skills.
I pretty much feel like we have been going since July and haven't stopped.

So finally it caught up with me. I am sick. Like I feel like I am going to die sick. Ok, I probably won't die. I got a nasty tummy bug that left my bum yearning for whatever can heal it, and my outside back porch wondering why it hadn't been barfed on in 3 months. ( I can't make it up my stairs... curse you Ivory homes.) I then woke up with a cough that makes me gag and basically it hurts to breathe. Since I am nursing, lucky for me Grayson has been ok, but I could use some awesome cold medicine and that isn't going to happen.

The boys have been great. Ty decided to help my housekeeping get done and emptied my bathroom cupboard into the tub after I got out of it. Made me cringe since the last of his Chloral is in it along with his baclofen which he cannot live with out.

He can't stop talking about Halloween and birthdays and especially the beach. Makes for a long day for me when I feel like poop.

Soon, I will feel rested.. Like when Gray's is 18.....

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angel shrout said...

Aww hun you need to get you some rest.. seriously..