Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween time in our house has been a well thought out event. Though I had no desire to get out the decorations ( and I didn't get them out) Th knew exactly what he wanted to be. No matter how much we tried we couldn't talk him out of it . So I ordered a Mickey Mouse costume. When we got it, it was kinda childish so I had to order another one.

Let me tell you Mickey Mouse doesn't come in a million sizes. So I ordered another one. We tried on both costumes right before Halloween. One didn't even let him bend over. He tried and said he was stuck!

So come Halloween day we loaded him up and took him to school and sent him on his way to a parade. He loved it. He wore his suit, waved at everyone and enjoyed himself. When he got home he was ready to be out of his suit. I didn't blame him.
By dinner time he was ready to go out but wanted to go to the Halloween party at Grandma's house. So off we went. He was so excited. But for some reason when we get to this Grandma's house he really turns into someone who is super quiet. Not sure why this grandma's is different. But he went out trick or treating, he ate ( OK he looked) at chicken nuggets and was DONE and ready to go home around 8. It was a good day.

Trick or treating is hard with Ty. By the end someone basically had to carry him up and down the stairs. It was a long night for all of us. But he had a wonderful time.

Oh and baby Grayson sported a Sock Monkey hat and Jammies... He is pretty dang cute to. To bad he came down with my horrible cold and I feel SOOOO sad for him .



Singedwingangel said...

They are both so stinkin cute..

Chantel said...

I want to kiss that little sock monkey face :) Ty looks so cute in his costume as well. What sweet kids!