Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Six Year Old Miracle

9/21/2011 was yet another Miracle. Tyler turned 6. So much has happened this last year but it is MIRACULOUS.. Tyler THE PROFESSOR turned a fabulous six!

Tyler is seriously one of the most Christlike person I have EVER met in my life. If I could be like him I think the world would be a better place.

Some Random Tyler facts:

  • He was due December 25 and was going to be a Christmas present. He still was. It was our poorest Christmas ever but our best Christmas ever.
  • He is a amazing big brother. He wants Grayson to take a bath with him every night.
  • He still has sleeping issues and I now have a co sleeping infant and a Tyler in my bed every night. Ty sleeps at the bottom.
  • He is the professor.
  • He works hard. He has to work at everything every single day. Everything is harder for him. Nothing comes easy for him.
  • He is loving no matter what.
  • He is wide beyond his years.
  • He says " It's ok, Everyone makes a stakes( mistakes) but we stick together as a team"
  • He is always so happy to see you when you come to his house
  • He thinks that we are Catholic or something ( that was for you Mindy!) because all we do is sing songs and say prayers at church.
Everyday he brings me happiness. Everyday I couldn't be more thankful that he is mine. Everyday I can't imagine life without him.

The week of his birthday is so emotional for me. It is so hard. With everything else going on this year it was exceptionally hard. I don't remember a week that has been as hard as this week.

But we are happy to have our amazing 6 year old in our home. We are so blessed to have him. I hope I can start implementing the amazing


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!! Hope things Settle down for a little while.. Love you friend.

Madeleine said...

Happy belated birthday Tyler!

Tammy said...

We love Tyler....Happy Birthday Tyler the Professor

The Henrys said...

I hope Tylet had a wonderful birthday!! Love the picture of the two of them!