Monday, September 26, 2011

2 month check up

Grayson had his 2 month check up a few weeks ago. I am SO behind. I took him in and we got his naked weight. Kid is a hefty 10 lb 11 oz. He still is little but he is doing great. He has some cute little fat rolls on his legs and behind his knees.

He is average for everything except his head. It is in the tenth. Normally we aren't on any of these. But Grayson is a trooper and is giving us a run for normal.

He looks great and is a great kid. The only thing that is not looking fabulous is his head. They have found a ridge on his head where the sutures are. We are waiting to see what it will look like before I really freak out and demand a scan. We have done it before I just pray that it isn't going to have to be done for my Grayson.


Stacy said...

Remember that often, ridges are just ridges. No freaking out! My baby was born with a whopping coronal ridge, but his head shape was always normal, and the plastic surgeon told me not to worry. Hope everything turns out fine.

Tammy said...

If you look at Koy's head he has a ridge on it. I think he will be fine but it is always good to just watch it.