Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are back on the wagon

We fell off the wagon. It wasn't a tough fall and frankly didn't hurt much either. It was a relief actually. But now that we are starting school and we are looking for a way better routine we are back on the wagon.

We had our first PT evaluation since getting disability for Tyler. Disability for Ty is amazing. AMAZING. First, we don't have to worry about him being covered. Second, we don't have to worry about his therapy because we don't have to come up with the 20 percent. I never in my life wanted to base care on what we could afford. I figured I would personally go bankrupt before I did that. Well, I am personally bankrupt. Personally meaning everything is under my name and it is showing up as REALLY bad on my credit. Now that isn't an issue.

After not loving our therapist that we were driving 2 times a week 50 miles for a grand total of 80 minutes of therapy I decided that we would do more activities at home, going out and playing with kids and just taking a break. Then we found out we were going to have Brother. We had a nice break.

After our Phenol shots in July I signed us back up at a closer facility. The PT there is amazing with Tyler. The last PT Ty cried through the WHOLE session. Those that know him know he doesn't really cry. But he hated it. I hated it. This one ROCKED. Ty never stopped talking, let the guy ( Ben) do anything and everything he needed.

Over all Ty did really well. No one knows how the heck he stands and functions. How he stays on his feet is a medical mystery. Ben doesn't think bracing is a good idea and would prefer just shoe inserts ( THANK YOU! We have been saying this for years!) and thinks that the baclofen trial might be a wonderful idea.

We will be on the schedule once a week for several months.

Today was our Speech evaluation. We will know more how it went in a week. In 2 weeks we have our OT evaluation we will most likely be once a week. So we are back to 3 times a week!

Welcome to the therapy band wagon....YAY cerebral palsy!~

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