Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Everyone started school this week.

But Tyler......

Ok, but the whole school district's kindergartners. He didn't care much UNTIL the bus came to make their route and get times. I took him out to met the drivers and he climbed on, sat down in a seat and when we tried to get him out he cried and cried and cried.

As I got him off the bus he told me that he was so sad because he wanted to go to "cool." He was devastated. I carried him in the house and he sobbed and sobbed. He said he wanted to go see Miss Melanie ( his teacher) and that he was suppose to ride the bus to "cool." That his note told him he could ride the bus.

Wednesday was our day to meet Miss Melanie. She needed to do some testing and see where he was and see how much of our day would be in the transitional kindergarten and how much would be in the traditional. Ty did really well and will be spending most of his social time in the regular class. He will also be in for a few other subjects as well.

Ty did a great job with his letters and numbers. I was glad that he did so well. He is funny and had everyone in there laughing ( as usual) and he was ready to stay and be at school. We headed to the office to sign papers and fill out regular registration papers. This is always an ordeal when we have to hand over a birth certificate. I always get asked if his weight is a typo.

After papers we went to the store. Ty was so upset that we couldn't go to the merry go round. He thought we were going to go see a merry go round. Poor kid, just can't catch a break. I mean really.. A merry go round.

School is going to be good for Ty this year. He will have all the therapy he can at school and we are making some major changes to his braille options. We will be keeping the therapy private as well. He really needs the PT. Poor kid.

As the mom: I can't wait for a routine and only one kid to drag to the grocery store.


Cynthia said...

It sounds like an emotional day! Soon enough he'll be all settled in and loving it. It will be good for you also to have the one-on-one time with the new little Dude!

~NICKY~ said...

Ty LOVES school. I love that little man! He's going to have to call me and tell me all about it! :)