Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Scooter

Tyler has a scooter. We bought it at the beginning of the summer. We bought it before we had a loaner bike. He would take the neighborhood kids scooters and try so hard to use it but would fall over and not move at all. They only had 2 wheels. So we found a radio flyer with 3 wheels.

This particular scooter was different than the other 3 wheel ones because the double wheels were on the front. Not a huge deal but he had to stabilize a little. So we left the scooter in the house where he could "practice" and then when the time came to go play with the kids he was able to do it.. a little bit.

After Grayson was born we started taking daily scooter trips outside. After the morning feeds and breakfast, I will send Ty out to ride his scooter and play in the front yard. He loves it. He plays hard. One thing that I noticed though, was how hard he has to work to get the scooter to go.

He has learned a great deal about starting and stopping. He tends to stop by falling wherever he is. But he isn't hurt. He just pretends.
It takes so much effort for him to stay up and then to turn around and get up to the top. But he tries. He tries so hard. We love him for trying so hard.

Look at his toes. No matter what we do we can't get them to not drag. By the end of the morning we have blood, but no tears because he is so brave. ( we get blood in the house right now, we have a lovely pressure sore from our shoes.)

What makes my heart melt more than anything is how hard he tries and how hard he works. No kid should have to work that hard at doing something so great, as riding a scooter.

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Singedwingangel said...

The fact that he has the desire and tenacity to try though says what great parents you guys are. You allow him to do anything he can think of without making him feel as if he is broken due to his disability. You have made him the warrior he is and he will go far in life because of it