Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Hope Kids} : Thanksgiving Point- Dino museum

Tyler is a member of a organization that gives kids with disabilities and chronic conditions and cancer the chance to do things free of charge to families. They have wonderful activities and they are usually done where the kids are not exposed to many germs. This particular activity was sponsored by Ebay and Chick fil a.

We were let into the museum before general admissions. They are currently running a Motion room. Ty LOVED it.
Aunt Nicky was able to come with us because our Dad couldn't come. He had to work. So she was *FORCED* into carrying around Grayson.

Yeah he pretty much slept the whole time and she pretty much LOVED it. I am pretty sure she will own one of those wraps when she has kids. And I am pretty sure we love that he loves that wrap.

After the motion room we went over to the earth room. It walked you through the beginning of the dinosaurs. It had a star room where it was dark. We were walking through it and Ty was amazed at the "stars." It dawned on me that was probably the first time he had actually seen stars and has probably not seen any in real life. But as we were going through he said " Wow those stars are spooky!"

We went to dig for dinosaur bones and spent a little bit of time there. He loved it and was taking about finding the buried treasures. ( yep.. wrong era!) But he sure was a happy dude.
We went through to the other side and he was able to go walk through the gift shop. I told him he could pick one thing. He looked at a few things and even wanted a dinosaur. But all that was thwarted when he saw 2 turtles and a baby turtle. I did tell him only one thing but he was so excited about these turtles. He has been watching a Handy Manny about saving the turtles. He wanted to take the turtles back to the beach.

We ended the day with lunch and the storm troopers. A trip to the red store and a birthday party.

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