Friday, August 19, 2011

The Bowling Alley

When Dallas went to New York Ty and I went to the bowling alley with my sisters kids. I wasn't sure how it would go so I wanted others to come to help him get excited. We called the "kids" and we stopped by and picked them up and headed in.

Tyler loved it. There was an arcade there and he loved that and really liked bowling. So much so that he hasn't really stopped talking about it when he asks ( like he does daily) "where are we going today?"

Since summer is winding down I called my sister and asked her if they wanted to come down and go to the jack and Jill bowling alley here. After they hit up their weekly trip to Seven peaks, they headed down to pick us up.

This bowling alley ROCKED. We bought our lane and game and headed into the arcade. Ty knew what he wanted to do. We threw the balls and then headed to the wheel of fortune game. Ty won the jackpot and ended up winning 250 tickets. He kept racking up the points and the tickets. At the end we got all the boys the same thing and gave the remainder of the tickets to Lexi.

Of to bowling we went. We ordered our pizza while we started and headed off to play. Tyler LOVES bowling. The last activity I have ever thought he would like. He likes it so much he doesn't really care it is his turn. So if someone isn't on their feet he picks up the ball and throws it down the lane. Even without one of those ramps he still sends the ball flying. Lucky for me, Tammy was there and she was nice enough to let me just watch and feed the baby. A few times she wasn't fast enough and Ty sent the ball rolling. With only a few frames left Koy was tired of playing so Tyler happily took his turn too!

When we were leaving he was crying because he wasn't done yet. He was so sad. When we walked outside he asked if he could go to grandma's house. He was melting down. He kept asking when he could go back and play. So we called grandma when we got home and he cried that he couldn't go to her house and couldn't go bowling.

I guess we will be adding that to stuff Ty loves to do. Next time I think I will just pay extra and give him his own lane so he doesn't have to share!


Chantel said...

It looks like you had fun! Tammy is a better mom than I am, I wouldn't take a weekly trip to 7 peaks if my life depended on it! :)

Cynthia said...

Go to the website kidsbowlfree dot com. We have 2 free games EVERY weekday for the whole summer. We haven't been for awhile though. Guess I see a bowling alley trip in our future too!