Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Yep. I turned the BIG 31! I vaguely remember when my mom was in her thirties. I thought in high school 30 was OLD. Well, I don't think that any more.

We started my birthday out with Sunday dinner ( the Sunday before my birthday) at Dallas' parents house. It was a great time and the cake was delicious. We had told Tyler throughout the week it was my birthday and he as stoked to be able to yell surprise and have it actually BE a birthday.

Friday as my actual birthday. I got a new dress and I got a new hair cut and contacts. I have been having some personal issues the last few weeks and this has helped tremendously. Dallas also sent me some amazing flowers and a card that turned on the water works. I love the boys SO much.

Friday for lunch D brought me and Ty some cafe rio. Not so sure Grayson liked it as much as Tyler and I did but we ate it anyway. I cleaned like a mad women because we didn't communicate well and thought we would be having a sitter at our house. We ended up taking him to the sitters but before taking them we ended up having to take the boys into the pediatricians. Everyone ended up with a weird rash.

While I was gone D finished cleaning up the living room. It was the BEST part of my birthday. Having a clean house like that makes it so nice. We headed off to dinner. D's parents offered to take Tyler but we took Grayson with us. ( Though my sister offered to hold him.. I mean watch him. She had to work though) We were headed to Charlie Chows but ended up changing our mind and going to Braza Grill. It was so good.

A late night out for all of us and Ty slept in the next morning. I spent the Saturday afternoon with my dads sisters. They are so much fun to be around. I can't wait to spend next Monday with them.

So Happy Birthday to me. I guess MAYBE I can find a photo of my new hair cut. Might be next week when we get to bless our sweet baby!


Madeleine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!!

Chantel said...

My mom had me when she was 32 and I thought I had the OLDEST mom in the world. Uh, now that I am sneaking up on 32, I don't think she was so old! I am glad you had a GREAT birthday!