Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quickie: Baclofen

Recently my dad went through some pretty painful injections to help his back and sciatic nerve. He has battle so many sores and stuff and he is a pretty dang hard worker so his body suffers a bit. I was dropping off some stuff ( and they both need some baby Grayson kisses and smiles) and we were sitting in the office. The nurse/worker said that they were giving him some muscle relaxers to help him a little bit more at night. Being the nosey girl I am wanted to know what he was getting and how much.

Baclofen 10 mg once a day. Should help him feel better.

While living in Arizona, Dallas was seeing a rehabilitation ( physiatrist) for the pain in his neck. He couldn't get relief at all with what they were doing and so we were doing pain management with muscle relaxers and stuff. He was given a muscle relaxer.

Baclofen 10 mg once a day.

Little itty bitty baby Tyler. Has cerebral palsy. He is just a tiny little guy. Not even 40 pounds yet. He doesn't ever complain of anything and rarely shows on that there is any discomfort. Required to take muscle relaxers. Gets shots every six weeks to help loosen his legs up. Medicine every night.

Baclofen 1o mg 4 times a day... 40 MG for a little under 40 pound kid. Grandpa 10 mg and 200 pounds. Dallas 10 MG! SERIOUSLY.

So for those who think he JUST has Cerebral palsy. He has it. And it hurts. It hurts his poor body a lot. He is in pain, every single day.

For a side note: Tyler as walking in the front room and he fell down because of his cerebral palsy. He hit his face on a basket and gave himself a nice shiner. When I said dang it. That stinking cerebral palsy. And reached down to give him lots of kisses he said " mom I have terrible palsy."

He is 5 and he hates terrible palsy

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Mrs. Labrum said...

I hate it too, but i love Tyler.