Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy anniversary..... to Tyler

The 4th of June was mine and Dallas' anniversary. I wanted to get him something that we both could enjoy but that he has wanted. I generally let him buy whatever he wants and then just tell him it was his anniversary ( or whatever occasions) present. But this year I was on a quest.

We went to Aunt Jennifer's store ( Smith's Marketplace!) and looked and looked. We found just what we wanted too! We bought it and Ty was so excited. When he talked to his dad on the phone he even spilled the beans but you couldn't understand a thing he was saying because he was so excited he was talking to fast.

I thought we should maybe wrap it to keep Tyler's mind off it and then he won't tell our surprise till his dad was ready. The wrapping was totally GHETTO!!
So ghetto that when Ty asked for bow ties on his present we used old ribbon. The paper was not big enough to cover everything so I let Ty draw on the box. It was ghetto!

We had found a inexpensive fire pit for outside. Ty was so incredibly excited. He was so happy that we decided we would go ahead and put it together and use it. It was so cold. But Ty was determined.

He carried around the bag of marshmallows for HOURS till we got everything set up and food eaten for the night. He was so excited. We put on our winter clothes and headed outside with marshmallows in tow and cold cold weather and wind.

The wind was blowing so bad we couldn't even get the dura flame log to stay lit. We finally resorted to scout juice so we could get it burning. But Ty was all ready.

He kept repeating over and over how he was so happy. He loved the fire and was so excited to make smores.

He was getting his stick ready and just waiting for it to be warm enough to make the marshmallow warm.

His first bite of a smore. He never ate them before and I was pleasantly surprised that he chomped on down. He handed me his other marshmallow that I put in my pocket and later found in the WASHER!

Just cause I really think he is cute!!

These 2 had a great time. I think the present was a good surprise for everyone. Ty kept saying that his dad is going to be so excited when he sees it. I think we all are excited. Even more so to have friends over.

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