Monday, June 13, 2011

Grayson has a birthday!!

I had an OB appointment today. I only see him every other week and he is doing all the "regular" stuff. He is really kinda funny. He will say things that he would say to ever mom and tells me "if this was a normal pregnancy I would say..." Normally it is stuff about prematurity or if the baby was born at this point what chance of survival. He always follows up with, "but you don't care at this point right!"

He still waits for a complaint but so far there is none. I am uncomfortable sometimes and sleep has been really hard but I am still fine with being pregnant. The rib jabs and what not actually make me laugh. I have NEVER felt them before. I did ask him to check my legs because I have had horrible muscle cramps and the pain doesn't leave for days. He gave me some meds for it, checked for blood clots and learned new stuff about my heartburn meds. So I get to add calcium to my diet.

But the best part.. We got to pick a birthday! It was hard to know that I couldn't work around some people's schedule just due to making sure that Grayson had enough time to cook. So Grayson is coming July 12th. There is no it might take days to have him thing. He is COMING OUT that day.

So why early? We know the risks of prematurity at the extreme and some have made mention several times that no doctor would induce earl unless under extreme conditions so I feel I need to clarify what the deal is.

The Deal: I cannot go into labor. It isn't a matter of feeling the labor but I really can't go into labor. We are at the highest risk of uterine rupture than you can get minus placenta accreta. Most people on progesterone shots stop them at 34-35 weeks and are in labor by the time the meds wear off. Which would be about 3 days after you stop. That gets them to 35-36 weeks. They rarely if ever make it to 38 so because of that risk. We will take the shots till 36 weeks and be done right before 37 weeks. Safer for all of us.

The bonus, we might not need an amnio since he is coming at the last possible week and we will still be getting steroids.

Tomorrow we have a Non stress test and a growth check. I am hoping for a quick cervix check because I have been having some Awesome contractions tonight.

So happy birthday Grayson... see you in 3 weeks and 5 days!

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