Sunday, June 12, 2011

32 week checkup and Non stress test

When our plan was made to be as cautious as possible 32 weeks seemed so far off the way that I wasn't even honestly sure we would make it that far. I would have been estatic to get to 30 weeks but 32 the chance of a long term disability is so small that I would take those odds over even the 30 week chances.

The risk of ROP is less then 1 percent at this point. So we will take it. We were able to have an ultrasound to check his growth. They wanted to double check his skull because of Ty's craniosynostosis and it looked fine. We will get another look to make sure. We got a 3d of his face but he holds his umbilical cord right in front of his face. So his lips are gone and a ear. But you can see his little cheeks. They actually have fat on them. They say he grasps it and lets it go.

As they moved to get more shots he was apparently wanting us to know for sure he was a boy. He is growing exactly on target. He is up to 4 pounds roughly. I did gain 4 pounds so I hope that it is all baby.

Cervix so far looked good and only minor contractions are on the monitors.

The NST was fabulous. I loved it. Though you don't do anything but listen to our kid I kinda like that kind of thing. At one point in the test we weren't sure he was going to do any tricks but soon the monitors went silent. Seems he totally flipped to the other side.

Everything looked great on the monitors. Next time we will be getting another look at the heart and an extra glance at the kidneys. But first time around there was no problems.

The only weird information we got was the conflicting idea of when they want this kiddo out. We WILL get steroid shots at 35 weeks. No questions asked they are going to be on board. The weird information is just differences in 2 docs. One perinatologst wants a amnio and the other doesn't and just wants to shot for 37 weeks. I want to shot to know that we are giving his lungs the best chance possible.

So for now we are looking at July 13th as a good baby day.

Our 33 weeks check up is tomorrow so more baby talk coming your way

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