Monday, May 30, 2011

The morning after

Oh the morning after the all day fight with Siatica was amazing. Though there is a lot of pain I didn't have to crawl. I didn't get up early, thanks to Dallas and his amazing parenting skills! I was able to slowly do what I needed to do.

Today was filled with Tyler, Tyler and Dallas and a lovely lacrosse game. One of which I wasn't feeling so hot so curled up watching and fell asleep. I am on little pain medication right now and tend to sleep a little funny.

Will this continue for the next 7 weeks. Yeah probably. But if Grays is ok then I will survive. I went 6 months with it worse than today while waiting to do my endometriosis surgery. The only difference, his hand feels like he uses that muscle to spin in circles. That I could do without.

But over all- 31 weeks. I HUGE milestone for us. No complaints here. I love him feeling safe and sound right on my tailbone.... or not. I could do with him ust moving around NICELY!

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