Sunday, May 29, 2011

Siatica- A love story

During my years of battling Endometriosis we knew that when I got to the point where my legs were numb and it hurt to walk and my tailbone felt like it was broken it was time to have surgery. I walked around with the pain for MONTHS before my last surgery. It was during that last surgery that they found endometriosis around my tail bone and on my sciatic nerve. After removing the adhesion's and endometriosis I felt like a new women and I could feel my legs again.

First trimester and early second I started having some pain but it went away with all the little tidbits on google. I laughed with my doc saying that yep my butt hurt but it seems to be "OK" and I will survive.

2 nights ago my parents were staying in my guest room and I usually crash in there if Ty takes over Casa Brown Bed. But I ended up in the twin bed in Ty's room. The mattress is brand new so it isn't the bed, but I woke up with excruciating pain in my hip. Having to head to the bathroom was a trip. I couldn't figure out if I should laugh or cry. Once I got moving it wasn't that bad the rest of the day. Night time came and my parents were gone so I was able to crash in their bed. HOLY getting to that bed was a NIGHTMARE. Ty was put on my pillows. I took my body pillow and stood up. It took my breathe away.

Sleep in the other room pretty much never came. I ended up in tears the rest of the night. Mind you, I was in labor with Tyler for 2 days and hard labor for 6 hours with NO drugs. Not a bit of drugs. I would have been fine with no drugs but a section they won't let you. I was in labor a few weeks ago and told them I was "uncomfortable" but was fine. I have done wound vacuum stuff with no drugs just LOTS of crying. I WILL walk and shower within hours of having a general anesthesia c section. I consider my self an idiot and would rather get going. So crying over my ass hurting was just plan odd. ( yes mom I said ass)

I went down stairs where I could half sit, half lay, half cry and tried to sleep. Ty came down and I asked D to help. He was fine with it. Till he saw me coming down the steps to be awake. I was sobbing and in tears.

After HOURS of the pain I decided I should call labor and delivery. She took my name, put it in the computer and of course I pop up as Dr. C's high risk of early labor and she said she will call him. Within 2 hours he was on the phone.

A tid bit about my Doc. He is determined to get me to "complain" about this pregnancy before he induces me to give birth. He says he has only met 1 other mom with a preemie that said she would NEVER complain and she complained from the gestation age of her other baby. I lauged and said I honestly think I will be just fine baking him till you say we are done I won't complain.

He gets on the line and says " Nancy, tell me what you are feeling. Is your leg swollen? are you red or blue anywhere? Nope. sure and not. I interject that my hip is going to fall out of its socket and I can't feel the back of my leg down to my calf. It burns and is numb. He says have you cried. I told him yes. Becaues it hurts VERY badly. He asked if I thought I was in labor I said no .. worse. He then said would you like to tell me you are all done being pregnant? I said No I am not all done being pregnant but FIX MY LEGS!

Sure enough, we aren't done being pregnant. He loses again. (I will NEVER complain about carrying Grays to term. We need to find a way to move him off my tailbone. So I get to take it easy, Dallas gets to rub my bum, and I get to crawl with Tyler to do things until Grayson Nichols decides to freaking MOVE.

After Ice cream, dry ramen noodles and some pretzels and 4 bottles of water he is MOVING! I still have pain in that area but I think so far the hard part for today is DONE.

I have a nice dose of narcotics to take tonight and tomorrow to just make sure I wont die. He will see me on Thursday to see if we can see what the heck he is doing. When I go to My moms I am sitting on Scotts table to have him help me get this thing gone.... and then I am putting my feet up and BAKING a baby!

So siatica the love story began as unwanted advances. Now it is just unwanted.

You are a current pain in my rear end.

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