Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why we are done "cooking" before 40 weeks...

Grayson has a due date of July 31/August 1st. We have known since around 6 weeks that Grayson wouldn't make it to that date. We weren't sure exactly what the plan was but it wasn't long that we got a nice road map to let us know.

After our first visit with the perinatologist we were given a tentative plan. Of course that was only dependent on HOW it went and how long we were pregnant. It also depended on our early testing. ( We did a early glucose and kidney function test at 15 weeks) If we were fine there was nothing stopping their plan to have him earlier than 40 weeks.

Our first risk factor for early delivery and/or complications in our pregnancy was the amount of uterine surgeries I have had previous and after my c section with Tyler. I had 2 uterine/endometriosis surgeries BEFORE I was even pregnant. I had one of those barely six months previous to me getting pregnant in which I had to have adhesion's taken out. Since having my c section I have had 2 more to do the same thing.

Second risk factor was my c section in general. Though I had a "bikini cut" section to start, I ended with a T cut section on my uterus. That in turn caused a LARGE, and thick scar on my uterus running up and down. Couple that with the traditional section and the surgeries my uterus is pretty weak.

Third risk factor is the LOVELY wound repair that I had done to fix the first bikini cut on my stomach. That small incision I now have a literal hip to hip. Not just almost but it goes PAST my hip bones. It has not made anything with the current pregnancy a problem. It just makes my tummy bump grow funny. But I never had one of those the first time so how would I know.

The plan that was set out was to:
1) get past 25 weeks. ( Obviously we did)
2) Get to 30 weeks ( which we did)
3) Get to 35 weeks in which steroid shots will be given to help Grayson with his lungs
4) Do an amniocentesis at 36 weeks to check lung function. Depending on the outcome either that week or week 37.

The reason they want to have control over when he comes is because of the VERY increased risk of Rupture. Rupturing my uterus will put Grayson and myself at risk of death. There is no getting around it. We hold a VERY high risk. The risk of rupture is even higher if we go into labor.

Even though we are taking precautions and we KNOW the risks of him being or needing to be in NICU. We know that he could be there for a week or so or even longer. But we want him here with us and no dying from other complications. So we have to choose the lesser of the 2.

So.. that is the story... Grayson will be done cooking around July 3rd-19th... If you can't be there during those dates and want us to hold off...Well put in your request now.


Grandma Labrum said...

"Why we done.." Grammar lessons offered free of charge during the summer. Shall I bring my third grade books with me? :)

Chantel said...

We will actually be there!! Please let us know if we can help. The kids would love to see Ty (and the new baby!)