Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindergarten IEP

As of this week, we have officially IEP and transitioned into Kindergarten. School is still going on for a few more weeks but I had requested in his original IEP to have a review to make sure his goals were hard enough that he can be as "caught up" as possible come kindergarten.

Cognitively and academically Ty is doing very well. He is what they would consider "ready" for kindergarten. He doesn't struggle with learning and wanting to learn and he has a lot of motivation being around other kids. He is even reading about 50 sight words at 100 percent. His Vision dude, Brandon, has worked really hard to get him to that point. He is doing well.

He will be in a transitional kindergarten, which is "normal" curriculum for kindergarten in a setting that is smaller and includes his therapy in the routine of the school day. That way he won't be missing part of his day to leave for therapy. It also means he doesn't have to get mad because he is away from the kids!

He does struggle with Physical things. He has officially graduated from actual PT and is just getting adaptive PE. He still have goals that he has to reach but because he is actually "functional" and can get around the classroom that is all they legally have to work for. It doesn't matter that he might have to have adaptive equipment to get around the classroom once they show they can maneuver the state is GONE. ( Awesome system)

OT is another area. He is FINALLY making purposeful movements to start writing. He scribbles in the same direction as a line drawn but it is really hard for him to have control of his fine motor skills so he gets mad fast. His goals are hard for him next year in OT. The OT did comment how amazing it has been in the last 2 years to see Ty going from NO words to full on conversations that they understand 100 percent. He even starts the conversation, is polite and is a very funny kid. ( Who knew!)

Speech is still going to be on going. He struggles with some phonetics. He puts his mouth in the wrong place on a few sounds and he still breathes in on some sounds. But while he is going a mile a minute in what he has to say you don't notice until you really listen. But he is doing really well and we just added a few goals to get that done.

Vision is our biggest hurdle. Weird that we really don't notice. I think because our awesome vision lady at the start ( Aften!) taught us to bring his world to him. So we did. Outside his world it isn't "blind" friendly. Brandon is working really hard at getting him able to read. He will have a few devices that he will be able to use to help him see his books better and he will be using an Ipad on a regular basis. They are also planning on using and starting the starter set of braille with him.

We have a lot of really hard things planned for him next year but he is doing really well and he LIKES school. He loves it really. We just want it to be as easy as possible so he continues to like it.

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