Monday, May 16, 2011

Talk all you want!

The last few days have started really early. On those days I tend to lose my patience with him faster. It makes it so having dad home is a really treat and I MIGHT just be able to keep my bearings! Tyler never use to sleep great. We added a allergy/asthma med and was sleeping fabulous. I haven't refilled it but will be on Wednesday and hope that it stretches back to the almost miss the bus sleep that we were having.

That said, he is sleeping MOSTLY in his own bed and only comes in around 4 or 5. If I can't get him to fall right back to sleep then we are up for the day. The other day Ty "gimped" ( mornings are HORRIBLE on his poor body) in to my room, stood at my bed and said " Hello momme, do you want to watch a baby Einstein with me?" I pulled him into my bed and cuddled up to him and shut my eyes to hear him clicking his tongue. I asked him what he was doing he said "nothing.. just noisy. I am not sleepy." After a few more random things we finally got up.. and had a happy fabulous day that started at 5 am!

Yesterday D passed Tyler in the hall coming into my room. He stopped and smiled up and Said " oh good morning daddy it is so good to see you." He ended up in my bed and I was on the bottom laying wherever I would fit. It didn't last long before Ty said he wanted to go "be in the talent show with Mr. Lopart."

Other random speakings of the toot: I asked him yesterday if he was ready to go to church and he said " No momm-e not today. Today I am to busy." He went any way and told me that all we do at church is sing songs and say prayers.

He laughs at nothing, laughs at everything. Makes us laugh and remembers what he said last time to make someone laugh.

For his grandma: When we were driving in park city and we were talking about seeing someone naked and he tried and tried to get it right. ..At the dinner table he starting laugh , paused and then said did grandma see him neked?

I can honestly and truthfully say I love hearing words from his mouth. Him do normal things with those words. Say prayers, bless is baby brother and over all just TALK! I will and have not ever told him to stop talking. No way.... he is to sweet to do that do.

He is amazing. He is a miracle. Let the miracle speak!


singedwingangel said...

Aww I love when they are little and to hear them talk. Here in KY the kids have thick accents so it can make it even cuter..

Grandma Labrum said...

In Park City we said, "There is a Crocs store." He thought we said CLOCK store and then kept sayinig he wanted to go to the cuckoo clock store. He wouldn't give it up. We couldn't find a clock anywhere! No clock, no watch, nothing to satisfy him. Poor kid was so upset because he didn't get that clock.