Saturday, May 21, 2011

29.6 weeks - Pregnancy Update

I saw my OB, Dr. A, a week ago and we had to perform my glucose testing again. I had taken on at 15 weeks and had done a urine catch/collection for 24 hours to make sure that if there is anything going on they have a baseline and can find out how bad or not bad it is.

Truthfully I think they just really wanted me to experience what i missed before. I happily drunk the drink and they took my blood. I asked for fruit and water to wash it out of my system. We started with the urine sample and weight. We were all totally stoked over the weight. I have been fighting the official count but it looks like just under 2 pounds is the total weight gain.

Had a small little dilation check because of some symptoms but not alarming. He wanted to listen to Grayson and make sure he was safe and all was well.

We talked about his size. Either he is a "big" baby or he is tall. I am measuring a bit big but not having weight gain so once we know about my glucose then we will be able to tell.

Overall he is doing fabulous. I am generally feeling ok. I have no major complaints of being pregnant. I can't quite get my but in gear to get the house totally all clean but I a trying. A few more days of school and Ty is all mine all day so I need to get the house cleaned so we can spend it outside and not make a mess.

Week 30 I promised a picture so I will post one next week.


Anonymous said...

So great to hear you are almost 30 weeks! Keeping you in our prayers. -Joy

Cynthia said...

Woo Hoo! Just keep gestating, just keep gestating...

My twins were 29 weeks 3 days at birth. You've passed me now too! Grow baby, grow!