Monday, May 23, 2011

30 weeks!!!!

NEVER in my life did I EVER think we would be this pregnant and have had no major complications. I can't even call the 25 week scare thing a complications because with a shot we were out the door. ( sort of!)

We have no appointments till next week when we start the Non stress tests at the perinatologist. I am half excited about that. Only because I can really be FINE listening to his heartbeat for HOURS.

D and I were looking back on what we were doing at 5 weeks old with Tyler. Other than freaking out it was a very intense time for us.

From our journal:

Ty had just been transferred to PCMC for brain surgery. It was to insert a resevoir in to start relieving some of the pressure. We didn't know if it would result in further action for hydrocephalus or not. * Hind site: it SURE did result in further action but not for several more months*

He had his first seizure that our Coveted and high esteemed pediatrician was on call for and she totally snowed the kid and it was a long and bad one. We got the call pretty early and Marisa told us about it. THIS is when I knew I would have her around for a while. ( 5 years and still going!) She saved his life the next night when his lung collapsed. He was still on the vent and we weren't able to work on getting him off.

I was in the middle of having my wound vacuum treatment and planning a NICE plastic surgery, reconstruction of my c section. Dallas was pretty much holding us all together.

Through the next few weeks we would finally hit the highs and lows.

For this little guy.... the only thing he is doing is GROWING!!

I am So thankful for the chance to be carrying Grayson this long. I try super hard to not complain ( and will only randomly complain to D, just a little bit) because the honest truth, I LOVE feeling him safe inside. LOVE having him where I know we are protecting his brain. Give me a million more weeks ( not kidding!) and I will take them.

I can't wait for 6 more weeks till I get to see him. I like he is safe....

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