Thursday, April 21, 2011

We made it...sorta?

We have hit and surpassed our gestation with Tyler. We have never been THIS pregnant. As of 1:24am this morning we have done it.

Yesterday after doing a craptastic job of barfing ALL day and feeling horrible ( but no complaints.. just glad zofran and phenergran got refilled!) we went grocery shopping. As I was putting the LAST load of stuff in the house I became full of grace and went flying. I tripped up the last of the steps and had my hands full and landed right on my tummy.

I started crying and poor Tyler came running over to see if I was ok. He grabbed his cute Mickey Mouse pillow and tried to push me up. I asked him to go to the couch and find my phone. I sure thought we were DOOMED at that point. He was looking and looking ( pretty good for the blind kid!) and said "Oh no I can't find it anywhere." I told him to keep looking at he shouts " Look I found it!"

I texted and called D and told him what happened as I sobbed. I called on call OB and they told me that my doc suggests that all his patients that fall come in. Come to find out my OB was actually on call. Had we known that we would have gone to Provo. Instead we found our way to Riverton.

We went to the insta care ( urgent care for all the non IHC folks) ( because ya know, at a time of emergency the thought of paying an ER bill almost gives you a heart attack!) and knew that we had a MUCH smaller co pay and they would take us to the ER if needed. Instead, they took us up to Labor and Delivery where we were put into a room and told that we be there for a few hours.

We had Ty with us and he did SOOO well. He loved playing Doctor Tyler and followed the nurses everywhere. In fact he was so ok with everything that he even LEFT with one and came back with all these snacks.

We got hooked up to the monitors and really kinda laughed. We were at exactly 25.3 weeks according to our due date ( according to conception date we were 25.2) and that is the EXACT gestation we had Tyler. So we were a ball of nerves already. Last time ( for Tyler) he was to little and they couldn't pick him up on a monitor. When I would have a contraction last time they would look for his heart beat with a Doppler. Well this time, he was big enough and moved enough that we were able to hear him. They got the other monitor on and as Grays was kicking it would make a loud sound.

Ty would lay by me and ask "What is that squeaky noisy" and when I told him it was Grayson he said " Grayson makes a sound like blug blug blug." It was great to hear him understand everything. His grandma came and took him for some chicken nuggets and he feel asleep at her house. While they were there I started to feel SUPER uncomfortable and as they were leaving I finally called the nurse. She came in and started to chuckle when said I need to either readjust or something. She said or you could just stop contracting.
She was a great nurse and sarcastically ( just the way we like it) and said they had 2 docs on the floor. One was just finishing up a section and when given my chart and our history of a 25 weeker and that we were 25 weeks he jokingly said he was no longer there. The other OB was a little nervous and started really being cautious.

I started puking as she told me the plan of action ( nerves, or just pregnancy we will never know) but she told us we were going to do a dose of terbutaline, run a fetal feberonectin Test ( ffN) and then check my cervix. The shot burned but was do able, the FFN was amazing and awesome :( * drenched with sarcasm* and well lets just say I LOVE cervical exams too!

Seems that the terbutaline did it's job. After getting Grayson back on the monitor we were able to watch as my contractions became a steady line. They were able to do the FFN and the cervical exam showed a fingertip dilated which isn't horribly uncommon if you have had a kid.

After another hour we were able to go with instructions to call my OB in the morning and take it easy. D went and got my Tyler and they came home. Ty has been a BEAST since then. But it seems we all survived the day.

We did have a quick check appointment with my OB this afternoon. Grayson is still hanging pretty far in my back and doing well. He was much slower today after the shot of Crack/terb they gave me and we were able to get our progesterone on board for the week. Seems that we are ok for now and our Peri will see us on Tuesday and hopefully we get a decent peak of cervix and baby cakes! Then the next week we see the OB.

I am so glad that D listened to the spirit when he called me and said he felt we should go in. Though nothing progressed I would be horrified and scared if we didn't and something was wrong. A huge thank you to my dad and mom. Not only did they bring me a batch of donuts but they entertained Tyler and made me feel a BIT better about staying off my feet. I really appreciate them more than I can say. A HUGE thank you to my sister for volunteering. Next time she is the one I am calling cause she will give him his meds and a thank you to D's mom for taking Ty.

Thanks to all my amazing friends and family who sent us messages and text and phone calls and offers to help. It is VERY appreciated. Watch out though, I MIGHT take those housekeeping offers up! My place could use a good scrub.


The Henrys said...

What a scare you had! I so glad everything is okay and baby Grayson is right where he should be!

Chantel said...

I am glad everything is okay! :) keep us updated!

singedwingangel said...

HOly cow sweetie be careful. I am so glad that it turned out ok but I am putting you bedrest with complete service until further notice and NO STEPS

Cynthia said...

Ack! I'm glad you're okay. Once you have a preemie, it's impossible to NOT be terrified that it will happen again- and after a fall? ACK!

I hope the FFN test came back with the 'right' answer and I'm so glad the Terb worked for you. It didn't do a thing for me so I ended up on Mag Sulfate.

I hope the little dude (LOVE the name- it's the one I had picked out for our last baby that we never had) is full-term and GINORMOUS!

(okay, maybe just 'normus'- no one wants to birth a ginormous one).