Saturday, April 23, 2011

Starting therapy AGAIN

The last week was filled with therapy re-evaluations, and new schedules to pack in our weeks. We have one more and an appointment and one more evaluation that I am not sure we will even qualify to get the service.

The OT appointment was really good. I LOVE the new therapist. The sad thing, she didn't even last a year! Though Ty needs OT she is leaving so we will probably only see her one time before she leaves and we don't know when a new OT is going to be there.

Because Ty is sometimes hard to understand we were starting at square one. Luckily, this new therapist had seen Ty when she was a student so she remembered a few things and was amazed he was talking. It made it much easier to do therapy when he was able to tell her some things.

We did shapes, and she timidly asked if he knew his shapes when he nicely asked her if he could have the "Octagon please!" After that it was a one track basketball mind. He did really well and he does need about 2 hours of OT a week but since he is getting some at school we are opting for one hour every other week so we can do PT as well.

The PT dude... is kind a Prick. ( I wanna say douche but my mom would get mad) He really is a jerk and I dislike him VERY much. I requested a new one but that didn't do anything so we are kinda stuck. Thank goodness he has a student with him that is doing all the work.


First, he is really condescending. I never EVER feel like he listens to what I want or that what I WANT is not a option. He doesn't want limits set on Tyler but sets limits for him saying he can't do this or can't do it good enough to count. Second, NEVER tell a mom that they are not sure of their kids ability. Trust me. I can tell you what we can and can't do and be realistic about the rest. So back off!

Lastly, NEVER,ever,ever, EVER ( did I mention EVER) hint to a mom that she is not "dedicated" to her child because we had to stop therapy or decided to stop therapy after a surgery. How do you know what our life is REALLY like. You go home at night to your "normal" family and we are expected to go from therapy and spend 3 more hours IN therapy at home. OK. that seems realistic.

As we qualify for weekly appointments but ,well he will not see us if we see any of the 2 therapist that we are required to see. We would need a day when it is JUST him. Because he doesn't feel that Ty can participate in his activities if he has anything else. We are forgetting the fact that we LIVE IN LEHI! That is a 55 minute drive. Not to mention the cost of gas is awesome and the therapy for speech is 30 whole minutes. Whatever! I think we will do what we can.

So needless to say therapy was a beast. I left super discourage, late and pissed off. Almost in need of calling my OWN therapist. The worst was when he PROMISED Ty he could take home a bike if he pedaled 4 rotations on his own. Ty got 3.5 so he didn't get the bike that was promised. I WAS PISSED. After much contemplations I did call later and had them reconsider and we were given a loaner bike this weekend to take for a few spins. Looks like we CAN do it.

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