Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ty is DRAMA!

This talking Tyler thing is so much fun!! I can honestly say I RARELY, RARELY get tired of hearing his sweet little voice. He is however, FULL of drama. So much so that I can't help but laugh.

Here are a few Drama Tyler antics:

Playing scooter outside with the neighbor kids. He had a hard time getting it to turn right so he just throws it down and throws himself down SOBBING. I asked him what was wrong and he said " The Scooter broked. This is TERRIBLE" sobbing continues.

We went to walmart to replace a broken golf putter. ( The drama at finding the broken putter was funny) We ran to "Aunt Jenifer's store" and then I asked him if he was ready to go home. He looked and me and said " No, the movie store is next." I explained to him he got a 3 pack on Monday and he said " Oh momm-e I am so sad." ( we didn't get more movies. He just cried when we got home.

He recently started telling us he has a owie. It usually is when he wants to be Dr. Tyler. He also started telling is "It hurts" when he really doesn't want to do something. I offered him his first bandaid last night and he just sat there and stared and then demanded it come off.

This morning he asked for his sticker for his owie. He wore it all day and when I told him it was time for a bath he FREAKED out. He was crying and crying because he wanted to watch another Mickey Mouse.

As I got him stripped nude he laid on the floor kicking his legs ( think bicycle in the air since he can slam them on the floor!) screaming " OH the pain, the pain!" I was laughing HYSTERICALLY.

He then stood up and STOMPED into the bathroom threw up the lid on the toilet, tried gagging and demanded he sit on the potty.


He has such a streak of Drama. At least it is funny.

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