Friday, April 1, 2011

To aide in Pirate Potty Training

To aide in the Pirate potty training D and T went to Ikea a week or so ago and bought a stool with a step in hopes that it would help him be more independent and able to go by himself. Ty and I decided to put it together.

When I got everything out of the package Ty quickly ran to his throwing pile and got his tools set out. Only he had piled everything on top of it and he couldn't find them. After the searching we had a full tool set and we were ready to use the tools.

Ikea sent an extra piece of plastic to help me put stuff together but really Dusty and Rusty did the real job!

After it was over, we said cheese a few times, took a picture and Ty climbed up the stool. It is going to be to big to aid him much but when he got up he was scared to death and kept saying
"Get me down pwease!"



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