Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank you Sally Cervix! (22 weeks!)

We had our 22 week check up. It is true. We have them every other week. Or I should say we DID. I officially graduated to longer times between my checks. It was a super easy one and didn't take long. I had a cervix check and ultrasound to see what we were doing. It seems that everyone, everything was find and dear old Sally Cervix has actually gotten LONGER!
I kinda don't love the man perinatologist that we see when Dr. F is gone. No biggie. It isn't often. I brought up my concern for going over our 25 week mark and not having a scan and he totally blew me off. Since I have a regular OB appointment next week I will beg to be seen over that week at some point.
Grayson was head down and he is kicking more and I am feeling him. I can tell you can tell on the outside but he isn't interested in his dad feeling just yet. Since we know that he isn't "that big" yet it isn't a huge worry. But we want D to feel it before he comes. We don't know if he will come early so we better get nights of belly rubs in.
Also, some really amazing friends are doing a baby shower for me since I didn't get one when I was actually pregnant and didn't get one where my friends were invited to. I had a super small one but only 7 people were invited, all family and really missed out on the big hoopla. These girls are awesome and have been through so much with me and I LOVE them. So if you didn't get an invite in the mail, and you want to come... I want you to all come, ( AMY THELIN!!) please let me know and I will get you the info. ( Sorry Amy I forgot to get your address to the people.... I SUCK!)
Please know that while gifts are nice ( blue not pink... and green!!!), I mostly just want the experience and hope that you come for the BEST party ever!


Tammy said...

So I didn't send you my address, but I still want to come so I better get the information.

Grandma Labrum said...

We had one for you here in Orangeville, and one in Salt Lake at Luanne's, so that is two. And they were well attended. True, they weren't before the baby came, but who would have planned one that early? We waited until Tyler came home so everyone could meet him, and you were no longer at the hospital with him. He had graduated into a size of clothing that he actually fit into. They were both really nice with lots of gifts, fun with family, and good food.

Miracles Happen said...

Mom, I meant with my friends. I had the family ones from you and that was it. I loved it and appreciated it. This is one because they know I missed out on having one while pregnant.. the friends and all that jazz.

Tammy I think you will be gone. It is on the 9th

Chantel said...

I don't think I will be able to make it but we are super excited for you! Is there anything you are in need of? Let me know!

~NICKY~ said...

i don't wanna get you a gift because the best give EVER me to have me as a sister and as the best as Aunt Nicky Poo Poo, ask Tyler! (BTW will he be there?):) But I will come if you will let me (especially since I just told you I don't wanna get you a present) But as you all know I spoil my neices and nephews at christmas and birthdays, so I'm expecting back when I finally get kids :)

Amelia said...

Hee hee! I'm famous! As I was reading this I was thinking, "jerk didn't even invite me!" :) Of course I want to come. My address is 5981 Dixie Dr. WVC 84128.