Thursday, April 7, 2011

Round #3

The last 3 months have been such a hard haul on my immune system. It has not been pretty. It has made me pretty miserable. The positive sides of being pregnant have been feeling him kick, seeing him and getting lots of peeks but it has wreaked havoc elsewhere.

With off and on cold sores since November we have had a steady script for valtrex and zovirax in the house. I don't generally get them unless I am sick with a fever or bad cold or infection but being pregnant I get them ALL the time. ( I got them with Tyler. It was actually how we figured out I was pregnant) So that one didn't surprise us. This time it has been the strep and the coughing and the HORRIBLE lungs.

This last batch I will get better and be fine for ONE whole week and then I am back on my death bed. Literally. I can't function. I feel the need to sleep ALL the time. After the First round I was given a HIGH dose of antibiotics and this time another round of a different kind. My OB gave me more meds to stop the coughing and mucinex to get my boogies to stop. The Family Doc gave me the cough liquid stuff so I could get it to stop. He said my throat is on fire. Literally. It feels like shards of glass because it is shred to pieces. The vomiting has ripped open my throat so when I swallow it hurts. He said he has only seen a throat like that in a bulimic and he would hate to be my dentist right now.

Round #3 has been started and with the cough meds, the pill and some phenergan I think there has been a decrease in my coughing. I know I haven't thrown up since this morning. Here is to hoping that we start feeling better.

Once the voice is back I will be feeling even BETTER.

On a FUNNY Tyler note :
Tyler went to see the musical Annie at school. When I asked him what he did there he said they sang him songs so he "clapped and cheered." So I sang him a song from there. While I was seeing he asked me if I was "all done yet?" I guess a hoarse voice isn't the best.

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Grandma Labrum said...

I know just how that throat feels, and the singing sounds. It is funny that some days I can sing in school and the next day I can't get a sound to come out. I feel the coughing with you.